Sexting and cyber-bullying | Vulnerability situation

The practice of sexting and cyberbullying is increasingly common among adolescents as they expose themselves to a situation of vulnerability on social networks.

"The problem is not social networks, but rather human conflicts that use all possible means of communication to deal with them, in this sense social networks become one more of the new means of human communication".

In the past, violence was channelled through direct confrontation, unlike nowadays where "a range of possibilities increases the ability of people to communicate with each other, but also increases the ability to express violent behaviour".

"In this sense, young people take advantage of all possible avenues and it does not mean that the social network by itself becomes a catalyst for violence, it is quite the opposite, there are violent people using these media, so it is not a question of social networks, but it is a problem associated with people".

Sexting and Cyberbullying

Sexting and Cyberbullying : "Young people need guidance".

For his part, Guillermo Perezbolde, vice president of Marketing, Advertising and Social Media at the Mexican Internet Association, acknowledges that it is not because they stay at home that "kids" are safe while using their computers, smartphones or tablets. The best thing to do, Perezbolde recommends, is for parentsto "be aware of what their children are doing when they are online and know which sites they are visiting and whether they are participating in social networks". In addition, he suggests that instead of keeping an eye on them to see what they are posting, they should try to establish a dialogue with them to find out what they are doing, to guide them, because, he says, "that is what young people need most nowadays".

"I think parents need to become monitors of their children's behaviour, to know what's wrong with them, or to seek help when they don't know how to solve the problem.


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