Chicory or Radicchio

Also often referred to as Radicheta

Radicheta; a vegetable somewhat harder than lettuce with similar properties to chard.
It is highly recommended in the diet, especially for people suffering from liver deficiencies.

Its leaves are eaten raw in salads, it is a refreshing digestive, aperitif and tonic;
It purifies the blood and kidneys and is very useful for people with a biliousor jaundiced temperament. Both the roots and the leaves contain inulin and levulose, carbohydrates that support liver functions.
liver functions.

But most of its medicinal properties are due to the bitter principles it contains, which act by stimulating all digestive processes.

In the stomach it acts as an eupeptic, increasing the secretion of gastric juices. This is why a tisane of chicory after a meal is more effective for heavy digestions than a teaspoon of bicarbonate. Moreover, taken before meals, it is a powerful aperitif, whetting the appetite of children and adults.

Radicchio or Radicheta : In the liver it promotes the secretion of bile.

It has the highest proportion of vitamin "A" of any vegetable and should be fed to children to promote growth.
to children to promote their growth. It is anti-scorbutic, diuretic, hepatic
and is very useful for people suffering from amenorrhoea and ovarian obstruction.

the netherlands



Boil 15 grams of
chopped root in a cup of water for three minutes. Take twice a day.


Infusion of 15 grams of dried leaves in a bowl of boiling water, let stand for 15 minutes.
boiling water, steep for 15 minutes. Drink one cup three times a day.


Ten minutes after meals, drink a cup prepared with 10 grams of dried leaves.
prepared with 10 grams of dried leaves.


The root in its fresh state and in decoction for
1(minutes in a dose of 40 grams per litre of water, is depurative, diuretic and anti-inflammatory for the liver.
and anti-inflammatory.


A coffee substitute is obtained from the dried root. It should not be
be turned into excessive quantities.

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