Cough medicines for children may do more harm than good

During a lecture on Essential Oils, it was discussed how the soles of the feet are able to absorb oils.
The example consisted of placing garlic on the soles of the feet and testing that after 20 minutes, you could already taste it in your mouth.
We have used Vicks Vaporub for many years as a remedy for many things:
Stuffy nose... Cracked lips... Inflamed areas... Various types of pimples and blackheads... Among many other things... Right?

Now then, pay attention:

This works 100% of the time, although the scientists who discovered it are not really sure how it happens.
To stop night-time coughs, you can rub Vicks Vaporub on the soles of your feet, and then cover them with a pair of socks.
The most persistent and severe cough will stop in about 5 minutes, and hours of relief will follow.
It is more effective in children than other medicines prescribed by doctors.

It is extremely soothing and comforting while they sleep.
It is a remedy that also works for adults. Cough medicines for children can cause more harm than good.
This is due to the chemical composition of their components, which in turn stimulate a pleasant and deep sleep.
If you have children or grandchildren, share this article. And if you find yourself sick, try it for yourself and you will be amazed to see and feel that it works.
Cough syrups only take effect after several weeks of taking them.


Oxygenated water

Hydrogen Peroxide was developed in the 1920s, with the aim of containing infections and gangrene in soldiers on the front lines, given the terrifying death toll.
Years later, in World War II, the number of amputations decreased.

No side effects
Easy to transport
Easy storage
Easy to use


In a 3% water solution, it is one of the most powerful disinfectants available.
Why is its use so little widespread?
Why is the use of OXYGENATED WATER not widespread?

It competes with other more expensive products, which are developed by pharmaceutical, disinfectant, household and hospital industries.
Effectiveness of OXYGENATED WATER in domestic use
A spoonful of this product used for gargling, kept in the mouth for a few minutes and then eliminated:

Kills mouth germs and whitens teeth.

Keeping toothbrushes in a solution of hydrogen peroxide keeps them free of the bacteria that cause gingivitis and other oral problems.
Meat boards and other utensils are well disinfected after use with a little hydrogen peroxide.
The product kills any bacteria or germs, including salmonella.

A little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth disinfects surfaces better than any other product. It is excellent for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
Mixed 50% with pure water, it can be dripped into the nose for colds and sinusitis.

Wait a few moments and blow your nose. This kills germs and harmful microorganisms.
Applied to the feet, it prevents fungal problems that cause foot complaints, including bad odour.
Applied to wounds, it coagulates haemorrhages, prevents infections and aids healing. Even cases of gangrene are cured with its use.

A little hydrogen peroxide in the bath water helps to keep the skin healthy and can be used in cases of fungus and/or mycosis.
Clothes such as towels, or handkerchiefs, or all those in contact with body secretions and blood, can be fully disinfected if soaked in a solution containing hydrogen peroxide before normal washing.

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