Liu Bolin Invisible Man is an artist, sculptor and photographer born in 1973 in Shandong, China. He is best known for his photographs in which he blends in with his surroundings in urban situations to make himself invisible, as a form of rebellion against the system.

His art training took place at the Shandong University of the Arts and the sculpture class of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing and he has had exhibitions in many countries, most recently at the Eli Klein Fine Arts in New York, USA.

Lui Bolin Invisible Man | Hidden in the City

His best known work is "Hidden in the City".
In 2009 Lui Bolin created a sculpture "Burning Man Obama" in honour of Barack Obama, to celebrate the US President' s visit to China.
His best known work is Hidden in the City, which was created as a consequence of and protest against the destruction of the city of Suo Jia Cun.

It involved 126 artists and nearly a hundred studios, making it the largest artist residency in Asia. The city was turned into rubble by state machinery and, as Lui Bolin has said, art became his way of saying that "if they want to throw me out of the city I will hide in it", he went so far as to say.

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