Body-painting is an artistic painting applied to the skin and is considered to be one of the first forms of plastic expression used by our ancestors. At the dawn of humanity, our ancestors discovered coloured earth, charcoal, chalk, animal blood and many other colours that may have served to impress the enemy, in the form of war paint, or as a sign of recognition in a tribe. This primitive make-up technique may also have served as camouflage for hunting.

Probably even before the first stone was engraved, man applied pigments on his body (body-painting) to affirm his identity, his belonging to his group and to situate himself in relation to his environment. This illustrated practice became an instrument of transformation. Drawings and colours allow people to change their identity, to signal their entry into a new status or social group, to define a ritual position, to reaffirm their membership of a particular community, or simply to serve as ornamentation.

New images of body-painting art

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