His masterly voice

Fernando Botero, world-renowned Colombian painter and sculptor, talks about his life, i.e. his painting. From his studio in Pietrasanta, Italy, he outlines in broad strokes the meaning of his art, and from there, he criticises the pictorial world of today. His masterly voice does not pretend to be a lecture, but simply suggests essential corrections in an environment that has also been infected by a lack of originality and conformism.

The search does not necessarily always end with a finding. There are those who have searched all their lives for their own way of saying or expressing themselves. Fernando Botero started early in this inner rummaging, this inward and outward journey. He wanted to tell the world through images and colours about the things he saw and felt. Touched by destiny, with effort, education and absolute dedication, he achieved a form of expression that the whole world recognises. The volumetric dimension in the 20th and 21st century has its own name and surname: Fernando Botero.

Fernando Botero, Colombian painter and sculptor

Direct, straightforward, authentic

His painting is also an essential part of his way of being: direct, plain, authentic. Fortunately, fame has not clouded his senses like so many others. Generous and cordial, he received us like one of those hosts who have been so popular with the people of Latin America, but who are now becoming scarce because life is making them more hurried and selfish. No wonder, there are urgencies that affect people so much that, invariably, they make them change. Botero preserves for the good of all of us the sense of attention, of friendship, of dialogue as an essential part of existence.

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