Friends forever

This article is truly 'beautiful': An orang-utan and a dog 'friends forever'.

After losing his parents, a three-year-old orang-utan was so depressed that he refused to eat and did not respond very well to treatment and remedies.
Veterinarians believed he would be left to die. An old dog was found lost in the vicinity of the zoo, and when he was brought inside the treatment room, he met the orang-utan, and the two became inseparable friends.

An orangutan and a dog

Together they discovered the pleasant side of life and the value of friendship.

The orangutan has found a new reason to live and does his best to make his new friend join him in his activities.
They live in Northern California and swimming is their favourite sport, even though Roscoe (the orangutan) is a bit afraid of water and needs his friend's help.
They spend all their time together and we can see from their smiles and giggles how happy they are.

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